I have returned! Please take care of me once more.

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I have returned! Please take care of me once more.

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Hey there, true-believers!

Finally with finishing the uni I can get back to what I really love and try to be an active member of the community. If I sound like I'm spamming, please, forgive me.

Honestly, the last few years were difficult to find any interested to play OVA not to mention to find any kind of group, so I was slowly moving to a solo gaming. I'll try to post about it soon, pinky swear.

And if it's not to much to ask I would like a help or a suggestion from the community...
Back a few years, while searching for adventures and campaign ideas that I could use with the OVA book I stumbled upon the high school campaign setting that was formated as a list of episodes like in the series.

My memory may be quite fuzzy but I'm sure it was not from Teenagers from Outer Space since the list of episodes was bigger. I admit I may have a fever or going crazy but maybe you happened to stumble upon something similar. And if you do, I would be very grateful if you could turn me towards the link.

Thank you and may you roll double 6's
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