The freshman have a question

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The freshman have a question

Post by Lirka »

Greetings, true-believers!

Ooops, sorry! Wrong forum...

It just so happened that I received a quick review of OVA rules for my birthday - a curtosy of our skype-GM
And so I, am going to GM a session using those rules as part of my birthday party. I was going to use the pre-gen characters based on O.C. characters of my friend's stories and home-made comics.
And I've got the problem with abilities signing to one of a characters... Maybe a community would help?
So, one of a characters is a talented artist and have a latent powers of reality warper (Too much Sue, I know), and as you can see, that's a REALLY big deal :shock: . And the problem is to not create her too much OP...

So basically she can alter the surroundings using a pencil and her scetchbook
Focus (Pen and Paper) -3
Teleport to the place by focusing her eyes on a picture, and if such place exist in the univers she goes with the *poof* sound
Magic, Arcane - Teleportation
Summon a drawn object ("Trace ON!") or restore the object to it's former glory ("Mending cantrip, all the way!")
Magic, Arcane - Inventor or should it be
Magic, Arcane - Gear
The same goes to the drawn person
Magic, Arcane - Companion if he is not real, that is...
Magic, Arcane - Unique ability: Summon
Then theres an issue of alteration the surroundings, like reshapping or rooting out the mountaion that you don't like, for example. Or moving the skyscrapper at 10 feet to the left
Magic, Arcane - Telekineses (Based on a episode from her comicbook, where the character rebuilt a massive 10-floor stone wall, so that a flying ship could go through... yeh and that's tecnically a ripoff from the Argounauts myth. It's sad when you are the only guy at the party who read the greek myths at young age :? )

That's what I have gotten in my mind. So, any ideas, advices, critiques, by chance?

Thanl you and greetings from cold Russia!!!
P.S. This game rocks! Thank you, mr. Gardner!
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Re: The freshman have a question

Post by Clay »

Thank you for playing the game! I’m sorry my reply is so long in coming.

I would say Gear would be better choice here, since you’re already potentially rolling to succeed with the spell, having to THEN roll to complete the invention would also be a bit much.

Otherwise, I think your choices are good! Sounds like a fun character to play.

(For what it’s worth, I also love Greek myth and have been reading it since I was a kid, too. Robert Fagles translation of the Iliad is the best!)
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Re: The freshman have a question

Post by Lirka »

Damn it...
I totally forogot to answer...
Thanks Clay, that helped a lot, I mean it
So, I think I'll post character from oour campaigns and sessions here...
I'll start with my own "Elminster" character, since I'm a GM and a Player. Been using him for quite some time, maybe it's a bit OP, but hey! That's exactly why I'm showing him to you, good people of internet, so that you could point me at my mistakes :D

Harold Trend (Beastmouth)
Who the F is Kian.png
Who the F is Kian.png (62.71 KiB) Viewed 3189 times
The last decendant of the Nor'en Tribe, also known as Beastmouths or Beasttongues. Once it was a vast Empire which was built on shoulder of beastfolk-slaves. But now there just few of them left, hated by their former slaves (Tribes of Beastmen) and by people of other nations.
You might say that Harold was one lucky son of a ham. He could become a petty thief or drop dead from a hunger somewhere in a black alley, but instead he was be fathered and trained by Airus Trend and his wife Esther Trend.
Airus was a nature philosopher and a writer who specialized in writing worlds. A true reality-warper just like many people of his tribe.
His wife Esther was a treasure of other kind. She was an heir to the throne of Ik’adi tribe, an amazon like nation. And the one to take such a cushy job should have physical and mental strength.
The pair knew what the kid was and took pity on him. Training and teachings that they presented him with would ease his life in the universe where just everyone thought of his people as boogiemen. Harold is not alone in his travels he is accompanied by his trusty raven Irdving, who has One BIG Mouth, that drives Harold crazy. And it doesn't help that the raven claims to be one of the Harold's ancestors. Yet there is a dark secret to the life of the Nor’en tribe. For the first tribesmen ware deendents of were-people. Yet Nor’en knew better than transform into half-minded feral beast. They caged the beast within themselves to be gifted with ability to communicate with animal kingdom. Bit caged beast is not the enemy you easily win against. And now Harold is haunted by his inner demon who’s waiting for a moment to be free. The biggest fear of Harold is that one day the beast will take a physical form just like it was long ago. But this this time it will be the end of Harold.

Character Creation - Base Zero

Agile +3
Attack (Teeth, nails and bullets) +3
Combat Expert (Trained by the Amazon Princess) +2
Companion (Raven - Irdving) +3
* Comanions Stats
** Abilities: Quick +2, Flight +3, Smart +2
** Weaknesses: Arrogant -2; Awkward Size (Small) -1; Frail -1
Dexterous +1
Iron-willed +3
Knowledge (Planescape) +2
Lucky +3
Psichic +3
Perceptive +2
Quick +2
Total = 27

Bizzare Appearence (Scars and White hair) -1
Code of Conduct (Airus Teaching) -2
* Live and let live the others
* Don't take the live which you can change
* We can't make every story end with a happy ending, but we can try to make it end with a bittersweet ending
Fear (Scared of heights) -2
Infamous (Child of a wretched Nor‘en) -2
Loner -1
Outcast - Were-tribes (Were-people think of Beasttongue as traitors. Beastpeople still din't forgive Beastmouth years of slavery)-3
Pacifist -1
Rival (The Beast) -3
Room for Two (Raven - Irdving) -1
Sensitive (hated to be called “Brat” or “Bastard”) -2
Short-tempered -1
Split Personality (The Beast) -3
Suppressed Power (Psychic - works on Animals only) -1
Total = 23

Combat Stats

Right jab, Left Cross, and Bite
Body is a weapon that was given to a man by nature. The trick is to use it properly
Roll 2+3+2
DX 4
End 0

Revolver - Weapon (-5), Range (0), Armor Piercing (+5), Effective (+5), Ammunition (-5)
A trusty and primitive in some corners of universe the legendary six-shooter. Can give a right edge even in the world of swords and sorcery.
Roll 2+3+2
DX 5
End 0

Oops! Almost forgot
Defence 2+2
Health 40
Endurance 40
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