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My NPC Thread

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So, I tried my hand at making a whole bunch of stuff, just to see how much I could play with the system. All are NPCs, of course, with possible base genres appended. It'll take some time for me to dig out the choice ones, so I'll be putting them up one at a time.

Huseh Kah, Tomb King of the barren wastes. (Fantasy)

Like many of the undead horrors that have risen over the centuries, there is no contemporary that can inform us of the true nature of Huseh Kah. Only the tablets buried under sand-covered ruins and broken columns of once cylopean edifices can give us the barest insight into the terror of the south, the one who rules over an empire of graves and catacombs. While the reach of this restless sorceror-king is limited, we must wonder what terrors were witnessed by those who unwittingly pried such a creature free from the musty, web-draped confines of his sarcophagus so many years ago. To bear the wrath of one thousand years of pent-up hatred must have been an experience unimagined in the worst nightmares by those who bore the brunt of it, and we know that the one he allowed to escape was only afforded a few moments of lucidity in his haze of madness.

While it may be mere coincidence, a set of tablets have recently been unearthed that speak of a man named Huseh Kah. The man was one in a long line of sorceror-kings of the region, and was cruel even by the standards of his age, demanding work that the living could not sustain on their backs. He had his army wage ceaseless campaigns in all directions, destroying cities that would not capitulate to his absolute authority. The reign of the king lasted for numerous years, and all of the inscriptions we have of his acts speak of ininterrupted torture, warfare, and even the abject slavery of his own people. Surprisingly, we have a clear picture of the death of Huseh Kah. Apparently, like-minded officials conspired against him. A general involved in the conspiracy led most of the king's loyal soldiers away from the capital, while the priests were able to contain the king's power long enough for the other officials to kill him right in the throne room. They had planned to expose his body, but it stolen by loyal guards still in the palace, and carried off to be given a proper, but hasty burial.

Little is known about what happened afterwards, but this walking, bandaged relic of those long-forgotten days now resides with us, ever scheming to inflict his horrible revenge oupon the living. With an extensive network of catacombs filled with tireless, undead servants and devious traps, he has all of the time in the world to concoct plans to overthow the world of the living... Unless someone ruins him first.

Huseh Kah (Mummy)
Sex: Male
Age: Lost to history
Height: 6'2
Weight: 140 pounds
Allies: None
Eyes: Red
Hair: None

Strong +2
Unnatural resistance +4 (Iron-based weapons)
Combat skill +1
Defense +1
Smart +2
Occult Knowledge +3
Hobby, Magic (Witchcraft) +2
Magic, witchcraft +3
Plague of the mind: 5 END (Dumb -2)
Fog of the eyes: 10 END (Unperceptive -3)
Voice of hate: 10 END (Room for Two -3)
Plague of Kings: 5 END (Frail -2)
Warrior's blight: 10 END (Weak -3)
Resolve's bane: 5 END (Weak-Willed -2)
Vitality +2
Power Move +3
Pestilential blow: 20 END (Continuous damage)
Plague of insects: 25 END (Inaccurate, area of effect, Blinding)
Eye of the sun: 30 END (Activation, Accurate x2, Extra damage x2, Blinding)

Bizarre Apperance -3 (Walking dead)
Obsession -3 (Destruction of the Living)
Unnatural weakness -2 (Copper-based weapons)
Stubborn -3
Emotionless -1
Dependency -2 (Crown)
Boorish -2
Arrogant -2
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