Created NPCs... Post any NPCs you have here!

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Created NPCs... Post any NPCs you have here!

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Okay in an effort to get more people to talk about their games and stuff I will post an NPC that a PC will face in battle in a Tournament like setting... This is in a fantasy world mind you. And please post your NPCs here as well!

Name: Abigail
Age: 38
Sex: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel
Markings: Freckles

HP 60 End 40

Combat skill Sword+2
Armour+2 (-4 damage)
Weapon Sword+2
Animal Companion+1 (Kutan)
Hobby+1 Impearial law
Hobby+1 Kutan Ridding
Flithy Rich+1
Power Move+2 (5 DT) Striking Blade
Extra Knockback x2 (1/4 of normal knock back)(+20 end)
Rapid Strikes (+10 end)
Stun (+10 end)
Open to attack (-15 end)
Low Penetration (-5 end)
Cost 30 end to use

Fear-1 (Spiders)
Guardian-1 (Eight year old daughter and 13 year old son)
Hatred-1 (Magic users)
Love Interest-1 (Married)
Rival-2 (Her husband)
Ineptitude-3 (Cooking...)
Sensitivity-1 (Her bad coooking)
Servitude-2 (Knight)
Soft Spot-1 Flowers
Soft Spot-1 Small furry animals

Bio: Abigail was born into a noble family but quickly married away when she was 13 she left to live with her husband who wasn't much older then herself... Instead of lovers the two became friends and rivals, he was a bowsman she a swordsman. At 21 the age of true adulthood they both entered into service under the king of their kingdom, their love of fighting was so great that they both started traveling once a year all the way across the country to fight in tournaments in the town of Solkurin a town that had Magic users and normal people living side by side much to Abigail's distaste.
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