OVA Fan Sites?

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Michael Hopcroft
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OVA Fan Sites?

Post by Michael Hopcroft »

I wonder if there is any chance that individuals are goign to be putting up OVA fan sites for things like modeled anime characters, game reports, etc.

Just asking.....
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Re: OVA Fan Sites?

Post by sniffycrab »

It has been 10 years since you posted this, and I still haven't come across any OVA fan sites. If some one knows one, let me know.
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Re: OVA Fan Sites?

Post by Atmo »

Does this counts? http://dihova.blogspot.com/
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Re: OVA Fan Sites?

Post by Clay »

A handful of fans have made small collections of hourserules and campaign material over the years (like the link Atmo provided above), but I unfortunately don’t have a proper list of these. If I come across any of them, I’ll be sure to link them here. Also I encourage the owners of the sites in question to post links if they like. :)
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