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Some Npcs from my campaign
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Author:  markodude [ Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Some Npcs from my campaign

Raven (the traitor)


Raven was the first real "bad guy" the characters had to face. A traitor of the gangs that became Mr. Gold loyal servant. He despised the whole gang alliance, considering worthless leaders people like Crazy Cesar, not to mention the young Kim Dunlop.
In this game world swordsman are far stronger that gunners, but only the gangs had the best sword fighters. Until now...

2 Agile
3 Attack (katana, weapon and armor piercing)
3 Combat Expert
3 Evasive
2 Knowledge: streewise
2 Intimidating
3 Minions

-1 Arrogant
-1 Emotionless
-2 Hatred (the gangs)
-2 Overconfident
-2 Restricted Freedoms (agent of Mr. Gold)
-2 Stubborn
-2 Wanted (traitor)

Special moves:
Silver Wing: accurate x2, armor piercing, weapon (cost 10)
Flight of the Raven - weapon, armor piercing, accurate, ranged (str powered),(cost 10)

*Flight of the Raven is an attack done with the katana that leaves a silver slash of energy that strikes enemies far away.

Author:  sniffycrab [ Fri Apr 10, 2015 11:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Some Npcs from my campaign

You have really killer character art.

Author:  markodude [ Sun Apr 19, 2015 2:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Some Npcs from my campaign

Unfortunately art isn't mine but I look in the internet for inspiration in order to find something that match with the style of the campaign: I did a one-shot scenario inspired to the japanese Ryuutama rpg and I used a totally different character visual style. Maybe I'll post those character later...

Serena Winston

Another secondary character, that may be an opponent or an ally for the characters. She's a police agent but while she oppose the gangs she is not a follower of Mr. Gold, and she doesn't approved his ruthless methods. She's not a rookie, but neither an experienced policewoman.


1 Armored
2 Attack (shotgun, weapon and ranged)
2 Combat Expert
1 Evasive
2 Minions
1 Perceptive

-1 Airhead
-1 Arrogant
-1 Easily Distracted
-2 Impulsive
-2 Restricted Freedoms (agent)
-2 Servitude (Police)

Author:  markodude [ Fri Dec 16, 2016 2:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Some Npcs from my campaign

Ok, it's a loooong time since I posted here, but we never stopped playing OVA (revised edition, of course), so here's something new:

The setting is vaguely inspired to Suda51 games (Killer7, Killer is Dead and so on) and features a cast of bizarre characters working for a mysterious woman, Lilith, that probably is a witch, a goddess or some other kind of supernatural creature. The story is set in a large city, where three factions are fighting: the Godsong Corporation, that controls the police, an alliance of criminal families, and a mysterious sect of occultists and assassins.

The first character is a former low-ranking criminal, that was forced to work for Lilith, after witnessing the death of his boss (that seems tried to double cross Lilith).

Johnny Ward

Attack 2
Combat Expert 3
Evasive 2
Intimidating 2
Iron-Willed 2
Knowledge (Streetwise) 2
Quick 1

Code of Conduct 1 (honest)
Impulsive 2
Rude 1
Short-Tempered 2
Servitude 3 (Lilith, the Red Lady)

Defense: 5D
Brawlling - roll 5D, Damage x3
A normal unarmed attack, using punch or kicks

Flurry of punches - roll 6D, Damage x4 (open to attack, accurate, effective, overwhelming)
Johnny throws caution away and attacks a single target with a furious flurry of blows.

Desert Eagle - roll 5D, Damage x5 (weapon, ranged, ammunition, effective x2).
This heavy chromed handgun holds 10 bullets (Johnny never has a spare clip, because "a situation that needs more bullets is a situation that should be avoided")

Author:  markodude [ Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Some Npcs from my campaign

James & Jordan Doe, psychic twins


These two orphans are mystery: somebody believes that they are the sons of a psychic and a shamaness, others says that they are the same person coming from two separated dimensions. Nobody knows the truth, not even them, what is certain is that they possess some kind of power even if the are different: James is physically weak but possess different powers, probably inherited from both his parents (if the first theory is correct), while Jordan is a decent psychic but is physically stronger and acts as James' bodyguard.

James (on the right)

Companion (Jordan) 3
Evasive 1
Knowledge: Spirits 2
Smart 2
Spirit Medium 3
Psychic 3

Frail 1
Languid 1
Jittery 1
Pacifist 2
Servitude 3 (Lilith, the Red Lady)

Defense: 3D
Clumsy punch - roll 2D, Damage x1
a simple punch, James is an unskilled combatant

Jordan (on the left)

Attack 2
Combat Expert 2
Evasive 2
Endurance Reserve 1
Psychic 2
Vigorous 1

Guardian (James) 2
Pacifist 2
Servitude 3 (Lilith, the Red Lady)

Defense: 4D
Jeet Kune Do - roll 4D, Damage x3
Jordan knows martial arts
Throwing Blades - roll 4D, Damage x3 (ranged, weapon, armor piercing)
Jordan has a good supply of small metal blades, similar to small throwing knives.

PS: yes, they are played by the same player. Notice how the combination of Frail+Languid and Endurance Reserve+Vigorous gives them exactly the same quantity of Health and Endurance.
By the way normally James does all the talking, while Jordan acts as a silent bodyguard.

Author:  markodude [ Fri Dec 30, 2016 8:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Some Npcs from my campaign

Jake (Ghost?), amnesiac thief


Jake is the thief of the group and he is identical to a famous thief and hacker, nicknamed Ghost, that disappeared immediately after being arrested by the police. Jake isn't as skilled as him but everyone believes that he is the legendary Ghost, while he's desperately trying to learn who he really is: a clone? A thief who got a plastic surgery? Somebody also messed with his memory, and Lilith said that she can help him with that, so he started working for her.

Agile 2
Attack 2
Art of Invisibility 3
Famous 2 (as Ghost)
Evasive 1
Intuitive 1
Knowledge: hacking computers 4
Quick 2

Amnesia 3
Exaggerated fame 2 (not the real Ghost!)
Pacifist 2
Servitude 3 (Lilith, the Red Lady)

Defense: 5D
Spiked Knuckles - roll 4D, Damage x2 (weapon, armor piercing)
Jake punches using iron fist knuckles to enhance his punches. This is usually a last resort.
Blinding mini-grenade - roll 4D, Damage 0 (ranged, weapon, no damage, blinding, area effect, ammunition)
Jake throws a mini flash grenade. He normally has a set of ten flash grenades with him.
Explosive mini-grenade - roll 4D, Damage x3 (ranged, weapon, area effect, ammunition)
Jake throw a small explosive grenade. He has a set of ten explosive grenades with him.

Author:  markodude [ Sun Feb 12, 2017 2:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Some Npcs from my campaign

This is one of the opponents the characters had to face in last scenario. Sky Knights are armored troopers equipped with shields and hi-tech lances that can shot projectiles or be used as melee weapons.

Sky Knight


Armored 1 (light hi-tech armor)
Agile 1
Attack 2
Barrier 1 (shield)
Combat Expert 1
Evasive 1
Flight 2 (jetpack)

Coward 1
Focus 2 (armor, shield and jetpack are all welded together)
Overconfident 1
Restricted Freedom 2 (soldier)
Servitude 2 (Godsong Corporation)
Unique Weakness 1 (inept fighter if grounded)

- Gunlance shot: weapon, ranged, effective x2, activation (reload). Attack: 4D, Dmg: x5
- Gunlance melee attack: weapon, reach. Attack: 4D, Dmg: x3
- Silver Eagle unarmed combat style: accurate, ineffective. Attack: 5D, Dmg: x2

Defense: 3D (with shield)

Author:  markodude [ Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Some Npcs from my campaign

Kasakuma - Fire Demon swordsman

Kasakuma (in japanese Kasai means fire, and Akuma means demon) is a demon that was summoned by a demonologist, and he fought the sorcerer for control, hoping to go back to his realm... unfortunately, after he annihilated the demonologist's spirit, he realized he was trapped in his body. Forever. Well, until he finds someone that will help him to leave Earth, but who will help a demon?


Agile +1
Attack +2
Combat Expert +3
Evasive +2
Intimidating +3
Iron Willed +2
Quick +1

Arrogant -2
Bizarre Appearance -1 (arcane tattoos on hands and back)
Code of Conduct -1 (honest, brutally honest!)
Enemies -2 (demon hunters and other organizations that study vampires and other supernaturals)
Impulsive -2
Ineptitude -3 (modern tech: cannot drive/use a gun/computers etc...)

Defense: 5D Health: 40 Endurance: 40


The Black Hand- Roll 7D, Dmg x2 (accurate, ineffective)
Kasakuma attacks bare handed, using a combination of punches and kicks.

Demon Slash- Roll 6D, Damage x4 (effective, weapon)
An blade attack with his weapon, the sword Devil Tongue.

Demon Tail- Roll 5D, Damage x4 (effective, area effect, inaccurate, weapon) - 5 END
Kasakuma makes a wide slash with Devil Tongue, hitting up to three opponents.

Lord of Flames- Roll 7D, Damage x3 (accurate, ranged, affinity: fire) - 5 END
Kasakuma points his index finger to a target that suddenly explodes in flames.

Author:  markodude [ Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Some Npcs from my campaign

Clint Westwood - Bishonen gunslinger and bounty hunter

Clint is one of the bounty hunters hired by some secret organization to find and capture (if possible) or kill Kasakuma. He's a pretty silver haired boy skilled with guns: he normally uses a blue metal .44 revolver named Starkiller, that keeps on his back, tucked in his leather pants. Clint has a lot of female fans that often hinders him during his missions.


Agile +2
Attack +2
Beautiful +2
Combat Expert +2
Evasive +1
Quick +3

Frail -1 (he's rather skinny)
Greedy -2
Loner -1
Love Magnet -2
Overconfident -2

Defense: 6D Health: 30 Endurance: 40


Brawling- roll 6D, Damage x3
A normal unarmed attack, often this means a steel toed boot to the face, nothing fancy.

Single Shot- roll 6D, Damage x4, no defense (effective, ranged, weapon).
Clint fires a single shot with the Starkiller Revolver.

Rapid Shots- roll 5D, Damage x4, (effective, overwhelming, ranged, weapon, inaccurate, -5 En).
Clint fires fanning the hammer: all bullets aimed to one target.

Multi Shots- roll 5D, Damage x4, (effective, area effect, ranged, weapon, inaccurate, -5 En).
Clint fires fanning the hammer: bullets are aimed to three different targets.

Author:  markodude [ Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Some Npcs from my campaign

Augustus DeVantery - Young inquisitor

This is a low-ranking member of the Inquisition, the first real enemy that Kasakuma had to fight: the young inquisitor was able to capture the demon just because he found him asleep. But later Kasakuma escaped and Augustut tried to capture him again. Augustus is the son of a nobleman, and despite being always surrounded by minions he's not a coward: he simply believes that victory comes first, no matter how he has to earn it. He fights with a sort of telescopic staff that had a taser built in.


Agile +1
Attack +1
Combat Expert +1
Minions +2
Position of Power (Inquisitors) +2
Quick +2
Wealthy +2

Airhead -1
Fussy -2
Overconfident -2
Servitude (The Royal Inquisitor) -2

Defense: 4D Health: 20 Endurance: 20


Telescopic Staff- roll 4D, Damage x2 (reach, weapon)
Augustus attacks with his weapon, usually while his minions are distracting his opponent.

Electric stunning bolt- roll 5D, Damage x2 (accurate, ranged, stunning, activation, weapon, affinity: electricity)
Augustus spends time to charge his weapon, then attacks using his staff like a rifle and shooting an electric bolt that will stun his enemy.

Minions - Augustus' lackeys

These guys are Augustus' friends and lackeys. They are all young sons of noblemen that actually had some decent combat training, and they follow Augustus as their beloved leader (they are more or less like the juvenile delinquents in japanese high schools)

Attack +1
Combat Expert +1
Quick +1
Knowledge (etiquette) +2
Knowledge (horse riding) +2

Dull -1
Fussy -1
Servitude (Inquisitors) -2

Defense: 3D Health: 10 Endurance: 10


Fancy Rapier strike- roll 4D, Damage x2 (accurate, weapon)
An attack with an ornate pointed weapon.

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