Inventor questions

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Inventor questions

Post by Skynobi »

A couple of inventor questions-

1) How many inventions can a player have active at once?
2) Is there a limit(outside gm discretion) to the abilities and weakness that a player can gain from an invention?
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Re: Inventor questions

Post by Clay »

1) Theoretically: None.

Realistically, these inventions have to be kept somewhere and made out of parts and in general financed. If a Player gets too long of a laundry list of inventions, it's probably a good idea to point out the limitations of personal inventory.

Unless Dimensional Pocket enters the picture, but then you're paying for that kind of ridiculous capacity with character points.

2) Better inventions are harder to make, so the "limit" is that success. You can make as many awesome +5s as you want, but don't come crying to the GM when they explode spectacularly and wipe out Tokyo...again.
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