New GM, Any Common House Rules/Problems?

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New GM, Any Common House Rules/Problems?

Post by demonskunk »


I got OVA a while ago, and I'm about to run it seriously for the first time. Currently kinda letting people make characters that seem fun and then working a JRPG-esque plot around what they want to do.

I'm wondering if there are any common house rules, or problems with the system that people have noticed and have fixes for? something like a fan errata, I suppose?

Or an official Errata, maybe.

I just want to make sure I'm not missing any fixes that have been done or anything, you know?
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Re: New GM, Any Common House Rules/Problems?

Post by Blobathehutt »

This game is VERY easy to break so make sure that you trust your players not to be jerks or power game. Overall there are not many problems with the game unless the players try to make some which as I said is not a hard thing to do. So as long as your player focus on having fun and not being the "Best" or whatever you will have a good time :)
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Re: New GM, Any Common House Rules/Problems?

Post by Clay »

Hope your game worked out well, Demonskunk! There's no errata so-to-speak, the game is already the refined and perfected version of an old edition from 2005. But if you ever have any problems or questions, please post them here!
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