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 Post subject: First character and some questions
PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:37 pm 
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Hey peeps, this is my first character :). My friend is going to GM a game and since our group usually plays DnD he wants to go with a system that's completely different. The setting is essentially fantasy in space. In this setting High Elves are ancient magic wielders and Dark Elves are a younger offshoot that focuses more on innovative and experimental technology.

Fed'eriel is an orphaned Dark Elf who aspired to become an inventor. He was declined entry to an educational institution because its possible his father was a High Elf, so he spent the next few years experimenting with the creation of a small gravitational orb; and when it came to life it removed his arm. He quickly realised the dangers of what he created and tried to make a containment device, but could not afford materials that could resist the force of the orb. He went to a group of Dark Elf radicals for help, and they agreed so long as he would design weapons for them in return.

The current weapon designer for the radicals, Nad'ahlia, has a casual disregard for life, so the radicals were looking to replace her with Fed'eriel. When she realised this she asked her employers to look at Fed'eriels work to make sure he wasn't hiding anything. They reluctantly agreed, and she recognized what Fed had built, the potential it had as a super weapon, and reported back to her superiors. When Fed finally completed his containment device, which is built into his synthetic arm, the radicals decided they didn't need his labour, and instead wanted the orb as payment. Fed realised what they wanted the orb for, panicked, and ran off into space. The radicals have now given Nad'ahlia all the resources she needs to track down Fed and retrieve the orb.

Fed has spent the last few months on the run trying to avoid Nad'ahlia, and has had to explore all of the offensive and defensive capabilities of his orb to survive. He has named the device 3G (Gyroscopic Gravitational Gauntlet). His arm has a retractable stick that is permanently locked on to the orb, though the distance between himself and the orb can be adjusted. Rotating around the orb is a tiny gyroscope, and around that a synthetic paper thin disc made from hundreds of extremely thin sheets of material that can change diameter and density, which he controls with what small amount of magic he has. The material of the arm and blade is made from a mixture of metals and non-metals, and while its durability and flexibility is unmatched, using it to apply direct force is pointless as it compresses almost instantly. However, using the orbs gravitational force to rotate the disc at extremely fast speeds, and pressing the thin edge of the disc into any kind of matter is extremely effective....

+4 Barrier (Effective x1, Feather Blow) This is done by using the potentially large surface area of the blade to act as a floating shield.
+4 Attack (3G)
+4 Combat Expert (3G)
+1 Dexterous He can slightly alter the shape of his hand to allow him to work with fine electronic equipment.
+1 Flight (Defense x1, Build Up x1) This is done by placing the orb near the ground, jumping above the orb, and increasing the distance between himself and the orb to fling him hundreds of feet into the air. While the erratic movement makes him harder to hit, it does not allow him extended periods of flight and must constantly land.
+4 Inventor
+2 Smart

+2 Arrogant
+3 Compulsion (technological curiosity)
+1 Emotionless
+2 Loner
+2 Obsessive (Protect 3G)
+1 Rude
+2 Shy
+1 Weak (he has trouble applying physical force with his synthetic arm as it compresses.)
+3 Wanted (the radicals and Nad'ahlia)

Attacks {Roll/Dx/End}:
Vortex Volley {6/5/0}(a basic attack):
Ranged (0), Armour Piercing x1 (+5), Feather Blow (-5)

Turbine Topspin {6/5/0} (the disc is placed between a group of enemies and is stretched out as far as it can go.):
Ranged (0), Armour Piercing x1 (+5), Area Effect x2 (+20), Open to Attack (-25)

Spiralling Slice {6/-/0} (The disc seperates into two parts, moving at different velocities. The friction between the two blades produces bright sparks that impair the vision of the target. The fact that the blade does not make contact with the target allows it to be repositioned to a more defensive stance more easily.):
Ranged (0), No damage (-20), Impairing (+10), Defense x2 (+10)

Oscill-Ace {7/6/0} (As a fight continues the speed of the disc continues to build. When it reaches a certain velocity, Fed can commit the disc to an extreme attack, penetrating all but the hardiest of defences.):
Ranged (0), Accurate x1 (+5), Effective x1 (+5), Overwhelming (+15), Strike Through (+5), Armour Piercing x1 (+5), Barrier Buster (+5), Open to Attack (-25), Build Up x3 (-15)

Does using flight to make your self far away take an action?

Do I need to use an action every turn I wish to use Barrier, and does a Barrier roll benefit from the defence perk? I'm also assuming Open to Attack stops Barrier from working, as the intent of those attacks that have Open to Attack is the weapon is too committed to offence to use it as a defensive tool, but he will try to be airborne when using these attacks so he's not totally exposed. Can you "sustain" the barrier the same turn you activate it?

Is the TV 13? Weak does not have a negative impact on my combat abilities unless for whatever reason I have to physically punch something which shouldn't ever come up.

In general are there any problems with character creation I've missed? I'm currently at 20-17 for abilities-weaknesses as I'll have a better feel for how I want to roleplay him after the first session and can apply more weaknesses as necessary.

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 Post subject: Re: First character and some questions
PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:41 am 
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Hey Pielover! Welcome to the forums. I apologize for my slow reply. As I mentioned in another post I've been tied up with work lately.

I think you have an interesting character here with a unique weapon! Though, personally, I might tone down one or more of Barrier, Attack, and Combat Expert Abilities a tad. +4 is very powerful, and while one could argue that the immense power of the weapon might warrant a +4, I think it's less a given that he's necessarily an ultimately skilled fighting master (+4 in Combat Expert). If you look at the sample OVA characters, you'll see +4 is thrown around very infrequently, even with very capable characters.

Also, there is a Blinding Perk you may want to consider for one of your attacks.

As for your questions:

1) Flight should not take a special action unless there are circumstances that make flying itself difficult. (Like doing so in a severe storm.)

2) Yes, the Barrier can be put into sustain mode immediately. However, doing so counts as a continued action, so stuff like Open to Attack will immediately nullfy it. (Especially since you have to take an action to make the attack that triggers that Flaw anyway.

3) I agree that leaving Weak out of the TV is probably a good idea. However you should probably use your Barrier Defense Roll, making your TV 17.

4) In general, just avoid on making too many "too good" Abilities. Three +4s is probably overkill. Also look for some more role-play-y Abilities and Weaknesses to give your character. Interests, hobbies, and so forth.

Hope that helps and this information doesn't come woefully too late.

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