Claymore/Warrior Template

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Claymore/Warrior Template

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I made up a template based off of the anime/manga "Claymore" I hope some of you can get some use out of it :P

Claymore/Warrior Template (+2)

+2 Attack
+2 Combat expert
+1 Sixth Sense (Yoki Aura)
+2 Strong
+2 Quick
+1 Life Support (Needs little food, water and sleep)

-2 Bizarre Appearance (Hair, Eyes, and Some of body)
-1 Code of Conduct (Organizations Rules)
-2 Outcast
-3 Servitude(The Organization)

Yoki power
The claymore or "Warrior" may tap into a inner power known as "Yoki" power They may add as many dice to their roll as they like, But most roll 2 dice +/- Iron will/Weak will - dice gained, At a DN of 2 each round they wish to keep said bonus dice they DN will also rise by 1 each round.
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