Character Write Up: Anna

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Character Write Up: Anna

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So, I just finished statting up a character for OVA and since she came up reasonably well, all told, I thought about sharing - so you can take inspiration from something you like, correct me where I got it wrong, propose alternatives, criticize to your heart's content or anything you like.

The concepts are from Pathfinder's setting, the world of Golarion. Since I'm not a fan of the game system I decided to use OVA, which is much cooler. She's a Varisian tattooed sorceress. For those who don't know the setting, Varisians are similar to Romani, and they have a tradition of tattooing themselves with mystic symbols. Sometimes they have magic in their blood, as is the case with Anna, and they use tattoos to enhance their abilities.

As for the rest she's a starting character, not at all powerful (or at least that's the idea). If you're wondering what she looks like, think a younger, more tattooed Vanessa Hudgens:

So, stats:

Agile +1
Attack +1 (Elemental Magic)
Barrier +1 [DX 3, Armor Piercing, Effective x3, Requirement: needs to have just attacked w/Bolt or Lightning Blast (-10), endurance 10] - - - once she casts her offensive spells she can surrounds herself with crackling electricity
Beautiful +2
Charismatic +1 - - - This isn't real inborn charisma, it's magic, see Weaknesses
Companion +1 (Luminita) - - - Lumi is her thrush familiar, who can become a tattoo on the back of her right hand - a 1-pt feature
Companion +1 (Garridan) - - - Garridan is a wolf she can summon from a tattoo on the back of her left hand for the same 1-pt feature
Illusionist +1
Invisibility +1 - - - She can only turn *almost* invisible by focusing on an illusion she's cast, see Weaknesses
Knowledge (Mystic Tattoos) +2
Knowledge (Thassilon) +2 - - - Thassilon was the ancient sorcerous empire occupying the land she was born in many thousands of years before
Magic, Arcane +1 (Requirement: tattooing arcane symbols on recipient, endurance -10) - - - This requirement is a tough one, but perfect for her concept... she'll just need to be prepared
Resistance (magic) +1 - - - thanks to a warding tattoo
Smart +1
Unique Ability – Psychometry +1 - - - Psychometry is the ability to read the past of an item: in this iteration it works just as Psychic, but only on objects, and of course she can't mind control objects or similar nonsense. She still can get impressions and even visions from particular moments in their past, most of all recent, or while they were handled by someone
Unique Ability – Fast Tattoos +1 - - - a feature: she's very fast when drawing tattoos, but not supernaturally so. Like, 10 minutes instead of a whole hour
Unique Ability – Summon Tattoos +1 - - - another feature: can shelter Luminita & Garridan as tattoos on her hands, have them emerge from them, and then get back there again as tattoos
Unique Ability – Mindlink w/Luminita +1 - - - again, a feature: while Lumi is out flying she can close her eyes & see what she sees

Endurance Use (Charismatic), -1 - - - because it's magic from one of her tattoos
Endurance Use (Illusionist), -1 - - - this too is magic she needs to spend effort to summon
Kind-Hearted -2
Limited Uses (Garridan) -3 - - - She can summon her wolf only once a day
Obsession (Discovering the truth about Thassilon) -2
Obsession (Workouts) -1
Pacifist -2
Quirk -2 (A little too curious about anything that isn't bolted down)
Suppressed Power (Invisibility, requires focusing on an illusion she's cast) -1 - - - See Invisibility, above

Dagger, 3d, DX 3, Effective, Weapon, Affinity: Cut & Thrust - - - useful for dagger attacks
Bolt, 2d, DX 3, Armor Piercing 2, Effective, Reach, Buildup, Ammunition, Inaccurate, End 5, Affinity: Electricity - - - a small-time lightning she can shoot at enemies
Lightning Blast, 3d, DX 8, Armor Piercing 2, Effective x5, Paralyzing, Reach, Concentration, Recoil, Unwieldy, End 15, Affinity: Electricity - - - the big gun, but it uses up a lot of her powers
Defense 2d - Health 40 - Endurance 40 - TV 14

Her thrush familiar, Luminita:
Agile +2, Cute! +1, Evasive +3, Flight +2, Heightened Sense (Eyesight) +2, Quick +2, Awkward Size (small) -2, Frail -1, Mute -2, Servitude (Anna) -3, Weak -3, Defense 7d, Health 10, Endurance 20, TV 0 - - - As a familiar, she's more or less as sentient as your average tax collector, but even then she can't talk, and being a little bird she's definitely not a fighter - although she makes for a great scout since Anna can see through her eyes thanks to the Unique Ability Mindlink

And her wolf summon, Garridan:
Agile +1, Art of Invisibility +1, Attack +1 (Bite & Worry), Evasive +1, Heightened Sense (Smell) +3, Heightened Sense (Hearing) +2, Intimidating +1, Quick +1, Tough +1, Vigorous +1, Guardian (Anna) -3, Ineptitude (Higher Reasoning) -2, Mute -2, Quirk (Marking Territory) -2, Servitude (Anna) -3, Attack 3d, Defense 4d, Health 30, Endurance 30, TV 7 - - - He's an archetypal, strong timber wolf, but no more intelligent than any other. Anna would summon him almost only in combat, & only if she found herself in a tough spot

So, this is the write up. Again, feel free to comment, diss, praise, or just go your merry way.


P.S.: A big THANK YOU to Malancthon who helped me fix some wrong totals, find a couple good Weaknesses and make the choice of traits a tiny bit more elegant (If I had listened to everything he volunteered, it would be a lot more elegant). And yes, Mal, I hate it when you're right! :P
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