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Wikipedia Entry wrote:Fairy Fencer F (フェアリーフェンサーエフ Fearī Fensā Efu) is a 2013 fantasy role-playing game under Compile Heart's Galapagos RPG brand for the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows. It features Yoshitaka Amano as a concept artist, Nobuo Uematsu as a composer, Tsunako as a character designer, Toshiki Inoue as a screen writer and the "Neptunia Team" as some of the development team. The game uses a modified version of Hyperdimension Neptunia‍‍ '​‍s battle system. The PC version was released on August 4, 2015.

A long time ago there was a conflict between a goddess and an evil god. The two deities didn’t fight directly, but created a large number of special weapons for others to use. Eventually, these powers sealed each other and the power vanished from the world. Fast forward to modern times where these leftover weapons are called "Furies" and warriors that wield them are "Fencers." Fury weapons are said to be incredibly powerful, so Fencers constantly scramble to acquire them. By a strange coincidence, two fencers, Fang and Tiara, get caught up in the struggle between the goddess and evil god.
Health 40 Endurance 40
Defense 3

Abilities (+11)
Agile +1
Charismatic +2
Companion +2 (Eryn)
Eryn's Fury : Gear +3 (Attack +1, Knowledge:Swords +2)
Fairize : Transformation +2 (Armored +1, Attack +1, Resistance:Fire +1, Strong +1)
Iron-Willed +2
Magic,Arcane +3

Weakness (-3)
Arrogant -1
Impulsive -1
Soft Spot -1 (Food)

Attacks (DX 1 Roll 2)
Sword Slash (Physical Affinity) DX 2 Roll 4 End 0
Shooting Slash (Physical Affinity, Multiple Targets 1) DX 2 Roll 4 End 10 [Close the distance between you and your targets with this rushing slash attack]
Flame Assault (Fire Affinity, Effective 1) DX 3 Roll 4 End 5 [Repeatedly deliver several slash attacks infused with fire]
Giga Blow (Fire Affinity, Ranged, Effective 2) DX 4 Roll 4 End 10 [Store fire energy within your fist, then release it and burn through the target]
Eruption Edge (Fire Affinity, Effective 2) DX 4 Roll 4 End 10
Burning Strike (Fury Form Only, Fire Affinity, Effective 2) DX 6 Roll 4 End 10 [Overwhelm your target with a fiery onslaught]
Force Impact (Fury Form Only, Physical Affinity, Armor Piercing 1, Effective 3) DX 7 Roll 4 End 20 [Cleave the world in two with a single strike]
Fireball (Magic, Ranged, Fire Affinity) DX 2 Roll 4 End 0 [Deal damage by shooting a fireball at the target]
Burn Line (Magic, Ranged, Fire Affinity, Area Effect 1) DX 2 Roll 4 End 10 [Throw a fireball in a straight line, hitting all targets within an area of effect]
Explosion (Magic, Ranged, Fire Affinity, Area Effect 1, Effective 1) DX 3 Roll 4 End 15 [Unleash a fiery explosion that damages all enemies within range]

P-ATK Up (Attack +1) End 5 [Increase Ally's P-ATK]
P-ATK Down (Attack +1) End 5 [Decrease Target's P-ATK]
P-DEF Down (Armored +1) End 5 [Decrease Target's P-Def]
Backtrack (Teleport +2) End 5 [Escape from dungeons]
Wall (Unique Ability) End 20 [Create a magical wall that reflects magic against you just once.]
Rage (Unique Ability, Hatred -3) End 10 [Berserks the target or ally]


Fang (ファング Fangu)
Voiced by: Ryōta Ōsaka (Japanese), Kaiji Tang (English)

"I'm the one who decides my fate, even if I have to will that fate into existence. Make sure to never forget that."

A Fencer and the main character of this story. Fang is often perceived as an idiot because he's foul-mouthed and very direct with people. But he can always be counted on for an honest opinion, and he never tries to screw people over. Despite his hedonistic tendencies and perpetual lazy streak, Fang always pulls through when people need him. Due to his passionate nature and high energy, once he gets fired up, there's no stopping him.

I'm using my own rule of only Gear can receive Attack. Also I'm not going to work every weapon Fang can use because this only makes sense as a game mechanic.
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