Our awesome moments. Share everyone!

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Our awesome moments. Share everyone!

Post by Lirka »

So now when the game is published and some of us had a chance to play, mind someone to tell us about there greatest, or not so greatest moments during their sessions?

Ooogh, oogh! Me first!
So I was GM'ing an amnesiac bishunen clad in black leather, an amnesiac warforge and an amnesiac ghost-idol. Yes, it was one of THOSE day's of my GM life. So they were having some downtime in a cafe on an asteroid whose proprietor was a two-tailed kitsune. And that's when the gandg of intergalactic bikers showed up mugging cash from the foxy-lady. Punching one of them through a wall with an amazing roll of attack (the bi) under the time-freeze (ghost-idol) ability and a few persuasion rolls (bishunen and an idol together) part of the bikers have become the biggest fans of the phantasmical singer while the other part came to believe in dzen-buhhdism.
That's when the bikers citadel showed up. It was an asteroid decorated with a giant chrome skull and giant metall tubes spitting fire. Basically it was a wet-dream of any metall band. And of course when the "skull" appeared it started to play AC/DC - "Back in black" in open space.
The players, naturally, were like "Sweet, that's our ride" (Totally as I planned).
So they mounted two anti-grav-choopers parked near the entrance of the cafe and ride to board the skull. So they punched through a glass of a command center, which was situated in one of the skull's eye-socket ignoring all the damage from the crash and glass (No kidding, the warforge had Armor +5)
Then there were some attempts to communicate with an Citadel's AI called Jeevers who had a british accent, ridding through the corridors of a citadel and befriending a living generator of a base, before shutting it down, after wich the players openned ALL airlocks remotely and rid their new base of any unwelcome guests.
So yeh, that was our first session of OVA and we desided never to speak about this again...

Until now...
Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! :twisted:
*gulk* *cough* *cough*
I still need to work on my evil laugh. :?

So, anything you won't to share?
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Re: Our awesome moments. Share everyone!

Post by sniffycrab »

My first OVA game was back in the old edition. But it was still memorable. The heroes were a group of plucky magical misfits and there first bad guy was .... Dave Chapelle. For Dave Chapelle was conked on the head while touring Japan and was convinced he was the evil anime version of Rick James and began to terrorize the public with his sinister sound waves. It was over the top, off the wall, insane and we loved every minute of it.
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