Is the book out?

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Is the book out?

Post by nedpatrick »

I saw this post over on rpgggeek. ... ho-strange

It says that OVA is out in FLGSs. Is this true? I would love to order a copy.

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Re: Is the book out?

Post by sniffycrab »

Yes, it has been out for some time.

Here is a place you may buy the PDF. ... aying-Game

As for a hard copy/physical book, I have no clue.
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Re: Is the book out?

Post by Chris Brady »

I got a KS notification that they're almost ready to ship, but due to paypaling my money, I can't actually post anything, or change the address since I've moved since then. I've left Clay a message here, though. So hopefull.
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Re: Is the book out?

Post by Clay »

I have your address via email. Thanks, Chris.
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