Stopping a punch with telekinesis. A Gm wonders

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Stopping a punch with telekinesis. A Gm wonders

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Oh hi gals and guys!
Got a gm vs player question for yah.
IM a co GM handling battle in my campaign.
one of my players (player A) purposefully incited a hotheaded npc to attack him. (for the third time in that game day =.=)
as the punch is thrown, his fellow player(B) decides he'd use telekinesis to stop the punch.
I explained that was what Barrier is for, but i'd let him do it if he beat her attack roll.
He did not beat her attack roll but the offending player (A) insists that it should stop the punch due to the rules of telekinesis. (amount of force that can be lifted.)
I replied that player (B's) character is a pacifist and would not put the power of 10 MAC trucks to stop a punch! he's trying to keep all parties from being hurt not break the npc's hand!
I then had the player make a Def roll which he failed by 4 and did damage normally.

Was i wrong in my decision? Should i have let him get his way?
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Re: Stopping a punch with telekinesis. A Gm wonders

Post by Clay »

Your first inclination would be how I would handle it. If you want to use Telekinesis defensively, you should buy Barrier. It’s similar to how even though a Strong person is likely to also be Tough or even Armored, you do not get to use Strong in a defensive manner.

But if your Player really, really wants to use Telekinesis this way, I would allow them to Counter with a Telekinesis attack—but make this Attack have the Flaw No Damage. Whatever other Perks you want to apply are up to you, but No Damage would allow you to “attack” the punch without risking harm to the attacker.
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