I just can't rap my head around refooting

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I just can't rap my head around refooting

Post by Hizeru »

I'm going to be gming my groups first game of OVA in a couple weeks and while doing a combat test i try performing a refooting and realized I'm not exactly sure how it works.

The scenario that caused this was my opponents original initiative was 5, mine was 4. I rolled a refooting role of 5 and then we hit the problem. In this situation does my roll just automatically superceed his or do we start a sequence of roll offs. This problem of course leads to more issues with more players. What if there was already a tie would all people with rolls of five roll against me? What if the further back person came out on top without having intended to do a refooting.

I'm hoping I've just totally misunderstood the rule and I'm over thinking the situation.
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Re: I just can't rap my head around refooting

Post by Clay »

The first tiebreaker, actually, is the number of dice you’re rolling. So if a character refoots to a result of 5, and another character has a 5 already, then the new order would be decided who possesses the biggest Initiative Roll.

If this still results in a tie, I would probably hand wave it and let PCs go before an NPC with the same result as opposed to initiating another roll-off. If two PCs are tied, then the Initiative order matters very little and I would allow them to pick who goes first (or even alternate as they please).

If you really wanted to “go by the book,” then a new roll-off between everyone is fine. Combat is chaotic, and with such close timing between characters with the same Initiative, it’s plausible that the order can shift a bit, even with characters not actively trying to alter their Initiative.
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