OMG when is the Hardcopy coming out!?

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OMG when is the Hardcopy coming out!?

Post by flyingcircus »

Like the tag says when? Its been a year since I purchased the pdf and still no book format, come on already it doesn't take a genius to put a POD up on drivethrurpg or what not to get a printed copy out there. :evil:
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Re: OMG when is the Hardcopy coming out!?

Post by Clay »

The hard copy has been available since May at various online and physical retailers. There is no PoD option because it doesn’t provide the same quality as the traditionally published version.

I would venture to say it “doesn't take a genius” to check the main page for this kind of information, or to be slightly polite on a public forum. I would appreciate if you do so in the future.
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