A Skitter build in OVA?

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A Skitter build in OVA?

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For those who don't know, Skitter is an excellent character from the webnovel Worm. She is a good at heart person who is forced to do terrible things. The Taiwanese like Worm because the usage of tropes in it is similar to East Asian wuxia and we weeaboos write a lot of anime crossover fiction about it, so it is connected to anime (OK, that's very loose, but still).

It would be interesting to see how OVA can handle her, and I can't quite figure it out. These are her powers. She can control many insects (the amount is different at different points in the story), make them go plus ultra by pushing them to the limit, offload her emotions to (by having them act as subconscious or something) so she can look calm even when she's really angry or sad, get sensory inputs from them, and knows how to create clothes out of dead insects and spider silk. I'm not going to make her Khepri in this build where she can control people and all. Just her normal Skitter persona from the earlier parts of the story.

She has to plant them in various locations beforehand and all if she doesn't want to only work with the omnipresent kind of insects like ants, cockroaches, or flies too.

Can someone stat her up for me?
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